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VIP Massage


Essence Massage
The purest essential oils, combined with gentle massage techniques, stimulate the body’s own self-healing and inspire true replenishment.
30 min $150 / 60 min $225

Island Deeper Tension Massage
Experience a “new” technique at The New Image Spa that focuses on work with the deeper layers of the body by sinking through superficial layers. Your therapist will vertically engage the muscle until the layer of tension is recognized, and then move obliquely to lengthen short muscle and fascia. This massage does not engage intense pressure, but will allow for the body to experience a slow release of tension.
30 min $165/ 70 min $275

Fitness Therapy Massage
Designed to enhance the athletic performance and recovery.
A sport-specific massage that includes stretching, cross- fiber friction and range of motion techniques.
30 min $150 / 80 min $250

Prince or Princess Kid’s Massage
(8-12 years old) 30 min $85 / 80 min $135

Foot Advance Reflexology Therapy
30 min $135 / 60 min $215

Scalp Massage 20 min $65

Relax Jetlag Massage
This light-touch therapy massage helps release restrictions in the central nervous system that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.
Beneficial for post flight stress, headaches, dizziness & more.
80 min $280

Oil Selection for our Spa Massages:
Island Aloe Vera Oil, Rose Abstract Oil, Sandal Wood Oil, Island Coconut Oil.

Massage Enhancers
-Muscle Remedy ingredients custom fresh pouches $40
-Lava stones / Beach stones $25
-Organic Exfoliation (Hand / Feet) $30
-Yoga balm serums for specific muscle aches / Mix Plant oil extracts $20
-Aroma Therapy Essence Organic Flowers $17

Body Sore Therapy
Recommended for any one with sores. Our professionals will work on these specific aching areas. The massage includes lava stones and a special Indian serum to penetrate deep into the sore muscles.
75 min $275

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