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Neck & Shoulder

The shoulder and neck together hold up the single heaviest part of the body, which is your head. When the head is held at unnatural angles for prolonged periods of time, the stress on the neck and shoulder muscles is increased tenfold. Almost all daily activities such as working on a computer, writing, driving, etc.  can cause the muscles of the shoulders to get overly stressed. A neck & shoulder massage will loosen the muscles in the shoulders and neck where tension exists. Allowing your body to unwind during a neck & shoulder massage will get rid of stiffness and promote deep relaxation. By invigorating circulation over a wide area of the body, more fresh, oxygenated blood will nourish the tissues, relieving aches and aiding tissue recovery and repair. Most of us will experience shoulder and neck pain at some time in our lives, and a neck & shoulder massage can work as effective prevention by loosening up any tense muscles before they start bothering you. If you already suffer with tension and pain, you will start feeling better during the treatment and hopefully will continue to feel noticeable benefits afterwards.

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