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Manicure / Pedicure

A manicure is a cosmetic treatment of the hands and nails. This treatment is beneficial in several ways. First of all it improves the health and texture of your fingernails and hands. Your hands become softer and pleasant to touch and are protected from fungus and other infections. This treatment also improves the health of the skin. This is because massaging the hands increases blood circulation which ensures that the skin is well nourished. This in turn prevents the skin on your hands from wrinkling, ensuring you have beautiful and flawless hands. At New Image Spa we offer a great variety of manicures at different prices. Our professional nail technicians are experts in this field and strive to offer you the best service in accordance with your desires. The nail technician will know how to safely trim any cuticles and hangnails and how to shape the nail without damaging the sensitive surrounding skin.
– Regular manicure (25 min) $40.

– French manicure (35 min) $45.

– Manicure, paraffin and reflexology (50 min) $75.

– Nail art 2 each hand (20 min) $25.

– Nail art full (45 min) $45.

– Acryl-gel full set (90 min) $90.

– Acrylic full set (90 min) $110.

– Refill acryl-gel (75 min) $75.

– Refill acrylic (75 min) $90.

– Hand reflexology (15 min) $20.

– Change nail polish (15min) $20.


ManicureTime (Min)Cost
Regular Manicure20$40.00
French Manicure35$45.00
Manicure, paraffin and Reflexology50$75.00
Nail art (2 each hand)20$25.00
Nail art full45$45.00
Acrylgel full set90$90.00
Acrylic full set90$110.00
Refill acrylgel75$75.00
refiill acrylic75$80.00
Hand Reflexology15$20.00
Change nail Polish15$20.00

Think how much you use your feet every single day; it’s no wonder they often end up tired, with hard skin and yellow tinted toenails – after all they’re stuck in shoes for the majority of the day.The skin on the soles of your feet is approximately twenty times thicker than other parts of your body so it deserves special attention, and fungal diseases are common between toes and under toenails so caring for your feet is extremely important. A pedicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the feet and toenails, and can also help to prevent nail diseases such as Athlete’s Foot, fungus and ingrown toenails. The best pedicures not only make your toes beautiful, but also include lower leg and foot massages to totally revive your feet. Your feet should end up smooth and moisturized, and your toes perfectly shaped and polished. A pedicure is basically a manicure for the feet. As with manicures, you may also decide to have some nail art on your toes. At the New Image spa we offer a different kind of pedicures with different prices;

– Regular pedicure (35 min) $50.

– French pedicure (45 min) $55.

– Pedicure paraffin and reflexology (60 min) $95.

– Nail art 2 each feet (30 min) $50

– Nail art full (50 min) $75

– Medical pedicure and reflexology ( 90 min) $100

– Foot detox treatment (80 min ) $125.


PedicureTime (Min)Cost
Regular Padicure35$50.00
French Padicure45$55.00
Pedicure, Paraffin and Reflexology60$95.00
Nail Art (2 each feet)30$50.00
Nail Art Full50$75.00
Medical Padicure and Reflexology90$100.00
Foot Detox Treatment80$125.00

Manicure / Pedicure Gallery

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