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Hair Removal

HAIR REMOVAL (LASER) (per treatment) $175.00

Hair Removal Waxing
To remove larger areas of hair, wax can be poured on to the area and then strips of paper or cloth can be smoothed onto it. By quickly removing the paper or cloth, the wax is removed as well as the hairs that have stuck to it. Hot wax or warm wax can be used to perform this. The removed hairs also have their hair bulbs still attached, leaving very smooth skin. It will be several weeks before any hair growth returns.

Hair Removal Electrolysis
The hair electrolysis technique removes hair with a needle machine to disable the hair follicle. The object is to permanently prevent the hair follicle from being able to grow hair. Needle electrolysis requires a series of treatments over time.

Hair Removal Laser
Laser hair removal is the newest hair removal technique and it is rapidly improving. It provides an extremely fast treatment time with very little discomfort and less pain than electrolysis. It provides long-lasting effects, but typically requires follow-up treatments. Because laser hair removal is new, it is more expensive than other methods.

Hair Removal (Waxing)

Hair Removal (Waxing)Time (Min) 
Face (sides)
Eyebrow tweeze
Half legs
Full Legs

Hair Removal Gallery

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