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Body Treatment


If your skin is feeling dry or has lost its youthful glow, this peel will return a natural radiance by refining the surface of the skin with a peeling cream, Hydrating body tonic, and essential oils. Because this peel unclogs pores, not only will you leave with skin feeling smooth and soft, but the skin products you already use will be more effective in keeping your skin feeling the way it does when you leave. It’s the treatment that keeps on giving!

Body wraps serve to tighten your skin, eliminate toxins, treat eczema, and you even lose a few inches after just one session. The salt and clay mix exfoliates the old dead skin and draws out tissue waste. This detoxification process is what actually causes the inches to be lost as it tightens and firms the skin. The wrap helps to compact soft body tissues and sculpts the body’s contours. That’s why you lose inches but don’t actually lose any weight.


Cellulite is associated with poor circulation, fluid retention and a congested digestive system. This treatment works at the deepest level to flush and cleanse all three systems. A detoxifying peel of Fennel and Birch body mask is combined with special drainage massage techniques on the hips and thighs to help smooth the appearance of cellulite, boost blood circulation, and reduce fluid retention. It leaves your skin firmer and smoother to the touch. In addition, cleansing of the colon through abdominal massage and reflexology continues the purification process.


With the combination of electrotherapy, vacuum therapy, thermobag and manual reduction massage you’re body will lose weight, inches and cellulite, giving your body an excellent contour with reshaping of your muscles.


This treatment is used for slimming, reaffirming and anti cellulite treatments. The most important body treatments are combined in this sleek appliance. This treatment helps to restore the body’s shapeliness and figure very effectively. Also effective for toning the flabby muscles on the specific key areas, like abdomen, hips and thighs.

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