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Body-peels and Body-wraps

If your skin is feeling dry or has lost its youthful glow, this peel will return a natural radiance by refining the surface of the skin with a peeling cream, hydrating body tonic, and essential oils. Because this peel unclogs pores, not only will you leave with skin feeling smooth and soft, but the skin products you already use will be more effective in keeping your skin feeling the way it does when you leave. It’s a treatment that keeps on giving! Body peeling exfoliates your skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new ones. Our body peeling includes moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin smooth, healthy, and glowing. The process of peeling also stimulates circulation and movement in the lymphatic system, helping to fight cellulite and improving skin tone.


Body wraps draw toxins from the body and help tone your skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body. The treatment entails wrapping your torso, arms and legs using mud or other organic ingredients. A comfortable level of heat is applied and together with the compression provided by the wrap, this treatment promotes sweating and enables extra fluid trapped in the small spaces between tissues to be expelled. Body wraps activate the lymphatic system, thereby promoting detoxification and boosting metabolism. Benefits of body wraps include skin firming, cellulite reduction, and softer skin. Body wraps are excellent for fighting water retention, and are recommended as a weight management treatment.

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